Academic Support Services

Academic difficulties can occur, so to support your student UConn offers numerous resources. Encourage your student to seek help when the first signs of trouble begin. Students should avoid waiting to seek help because if they wait too long it may be too late. Resources are available along the way to help students adjust and be successful.


Office Hours

Professors are required to establish office hours for their students to drop-in for help. These are often indicated on the course syllabus and appointments can usually be made if a student is unable to make them.



Some large courses have teaching assistants (TAs) in addition to the professor. Large lecture courses may be broken down into smaller sections once a week and a student can obtain extra help there. TAs may also hold drop-in office hours.


UConn Connects

Serves as an intervention program to help students be more successful academically. Students at the University may participate in the UConn Connects program on a semester by semester basis.The UConn Connects program pairs each student with a staff or peer facilitator who will guide them through the semester. At the very beginning of the semester, and two times a month thereafter, the student and facilitator meet to go over course work and academic progress. The facilitator provides the student with a program guide and lists of academic resources and study skills workshops. The facilitators are highly knowledgeable about the University and are trained to help the student with specific problems or issues that may arise during the semester.In order to assure academic growth and skill development, evaluations take place throughout the semester. For more information on this program visit the UConn Connects webpage.


Quantitative Learning Center (Q Center)

The Q Center is located on Level 1 of the Library and offers free tutoring to students enrolled in Math, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics courses. For more information about the Q Center, visit or have your student call (860) 486-1961.


Writing Center

The Writing Center helps students with writing in any course they have. The Writing Center has two locations: Level 1 of the Library and AUST 159. Students are able to schedule an appointment online at, by calling (860) 486-4387, or stopping by during available hours. Please refer to the Writing Center website for more information.


Academic Achievement Center (AAC)

Is a walk-in service, staffed by trained undergraduates, to coach students in effective ways to study material, develop time management strategies, and manage stress so that it does not negatively impact their performance. The Academic Achievement Center is located in ROWE 217 and is available Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m, and Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, visit